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The New Approach

to treating obesity in the workplace.
64% of Canadians have excess weight that can contribute to both physical and mental health issues. Learn how our evidence based, medically driven approach can help.
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What are the risks?
The Canadian Medical Association, the American Medical Association, and the WHO all define obesity as a chronic, non-communicable, disease. Among Ontarian's who have a BMI greater than 30 (e.g. 5”6 and 186 lbs or 5”11 at 215lbs) there is an increased risk of:
1 in 8 suffer
from diabetes
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High Blood-Pressure
1 in 3 suffer
from high blood pressure
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Heart Disease
1 in 12 suffer
from heart disease
The facts are...
Individuals who have obesity have 30% to 50% more chronic medical problems than those who smoke or drink heavily.
That’s where we come in.
When it comes to weight and diabetes management Constant Health delivers best in class one-on-one care. We combine specially trained registered dietitians and propriety behaviour intervention technology over the course of 15-weeks, leading to improvement in client wellbeing.
We positively impact
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Physical health
icon to represent costs
Health care costs
Icon to represent absenteeism
Icon to represent presenteeism
Don’t take our word for it.
What physicians have to say
Meet Dr. Mindrum
Dr. Michael at the 7th Canadian Obesity Summit, talking about some of the  benefits he’s seen by referring his patients to Constant Health.
We exercise empathy...
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With employers
Talking about obesity in the workplace is a sensitive topic that requires the right approach. We work with you and your HR team to help deliver the right type of messaging to increase engagement while helping to ensure employees feel like they’re not being judged for struggling with a chronic disease.
Icon to represent empathy
With employees
We’re able to work with anyone who feels that their weight is impacting their health or their quality of life. Focusing on Best Weight, which is whatever weight a person reaches living the healthiest life that they can honestly enjoy, we help remove the stigma around weight management by helping clients worry less about the scale and more about health outcomes.
Poster on wall in workplace promoting program.
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We do our research.

So you don’t have to
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