One-on-one guidance on your weight management journey.

Designed by medical experts, Constant Health combines the best of today's nutrition and habit forming apps with one-on-one attention, accountability, and care from real healthcare professionals.

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15 Week

One-on-one support and guidance with direct messaging and video calls.
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Our Approach

By analyzing your patterns, we can help figure out what works best for you and help provide corrective actions.
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Recipes Tailored
to Fit Your Goals

We're all about providing tasty options to suit your lifestyle. Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Keto? We’ve got you covered.

Constant Health
15 Week Program

Our approach

Your vision is a compass to guide your program

Regardless of how much you might want to succeed in making a behaviour change, if you don’t start off with the right goals the likelihood of that success becomes almost zero. Our team works with you from day one by examining your values and motivations to help build what we call your vision-the underlying motivation as to why you’re looking to lose weight. Using your vision as a compass to guide your program, your team will continuously customize your goals to make sure you’re on the right path.

Using your data we learn what works best for you

When it comes to goal setting, you and your dietitian work together as a team of scientists. Together, you will gather data to test new hypotheses. What’s great about data is that even when something isn’t sticking, it is still providing you and your team with valuable data. Using your data, we’re constantly learning; not just about what is working, but also when and why things aren’t working. Always remembering that data is to learn from and not to judge from.

Our team is here to support you

Not only will your dietitian focus on nutrition and collaborative goal setting, but by leveraging our technology they're also able to provide you with supportive accountability.  Put simply, when you find yourself struggling with one of your goals, your dietitian will automatically be notified and will be there to remind you of your objective and guide you through self-reflection and problem solving. And so the process has begun, on a journey of constant improvement until you feel that you are no longer trying to change your life, but instead are living your best life-all the while being supported by a team in your pocket.

Recipes tailored to fit your desired diet

We're all about providing tasty options to suit your lifestyle.

Regardless of what diet you're trying to follow, your dietitian will help you find meals that you enjoy with our customized recipe section that includes detailed macro and micronutrient data with the ability to filter by macronutrients, calories, diets and cooking times.
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Created with the guidance
of Dr. Yoni Freedhoff

With over 18 years and literally tens of thousands of hours of direct one-on-one experience working with patients,
Dr. Freedhoff and his team helped to shape and mold each aspect of the application to help maximize your success.
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