Fueled by your data to deliver feedback, encouragement, and personalized guidance.

Designed by medical experts, Constant Health combines the best of today's nutrition and habit forming apps with one-on-one attention, accountability, and care from real healthcare professionals

Gain the skills to help you replace current habits with healthy ones, one goal at a time.

Learn Through
Your Data

By analyzing your patterns, we can help figure out what works best for you and help provide corrective actions.

Ongoing Support

We offer support with one-on-one support through direct messaging and video chat.

Track Your

Log your food intake and track your mood, health and overall progress,

Professional ongoing support

Direct messaging
and video chat…

You wouldn't want your electrician fixing your plumbing issue, so why would you want your fitness trainer giving you nutrition advice?

…with real health care professionals.

With Constant Health, you only work with our specially trained Registered Dietitians when it comes to nutrition and Certified Health Coaches to help keep you motivated and on track.

Track your progress

Real time feedback
for real life adjustments

After each video meeting with your registered dietitian, your personalized health and nutrition goals will be updated.
Your coach will be checking in daily via messaging not just to cheer you on, but to help troubleshoot when life's obstacles get in the way.

Create Goals

Log your Meals and Excercise

Track Your Mood

Recipes tailored to fit your desired diet

We're all about providing tasty options to suit your lifestyle.

Regardless of what diet you're trying to follow, your dietitian will help you find meals that you enjoy with our 1.7+ million nutritionally analyzed recipes that included detailed macro and micronutrient data with the ability to filter by calories, diets and allergens.

Created with the guidance
of Dr. Yoni Freedhoff

With over 15 years and literally tens of thousands of hours of direct one-on-one experience working with patients,
Dr. Freedhoff and his team helped to shape and mold each aspect of the application to help maximize your success.
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