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Designed by medical experts, Constant Health combines the best of today's nutrition and habit forming apps with one-on-one support.

Licensed, Regulated, Health Care Professionals

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One-on-one professional support

Working with our Registered Dietitians and Certified Health Coaches we'll teach you how to make little changes, one week at a time, one goal at a time, that together make a big difference.
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Registered Dietitian

Utilizing a clinically proven approach with professional support you'll improve what you're eating, drinking and doing each day.


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Health Coach

While your dietitian will focus on bridging your knowledge gaps, your health coach will help you close your behaviour gap.

Personalized goals and plan

Personalized goals to get you where you want to go

Utilizing the latest research our staff of health professionals work with you one-on-one to guide you using the most effective methods of goal setting, weight management and healthful habits.
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Meet with
your Dietitian

We start by listening, learning, and only then engaging to help craft a customized plan.
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Make your plan,
create your goals

Log your food intakes and track your mood, health and overall progress.
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Check-ins and

Receive daily monitoring, trouble shooting tips, and encouragement from your health coach in between your dietitian appointments.

Personalized support, powered by science, to help you transform your health

Implementing secure video and text messaging, you'll have both a dietitian and a health coach in your pocket.

No more rushing to appointments, we're here when you want us with a simple click of a button, even if you don't have a scheduled appointment.
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Food diary synced with your customized health goals.
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Dietitian curated and analyzed recipes.
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Professional video and live chat.
Image of coach as well as image of team tab of app showing conversation between coach, dietitian, and client.

We're here to support you

At Constant Health it's about the healthiest life you can enjoy, not the healthiest you can tolerate. Partner with our dietitians and coaches to craft your own personalized program.
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Set Your Goals
First, meet with our knowledgeable staff to setup your nutrition, fitness and health goals.
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Learn the Truth and Science Around Weight Management
Over the 15 weeks, you'll have over 5 hours of customized one-on-one video sessions with your clinical team.
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Professional video
and live chat
While you're reaching your daily goals we help monitor your progress and help you make adjustments.

Created with the guidance
of Dr. Yoni Freedhoff

With over 18 years and literally tens of thousands of hours of direct one-on-one experience working with patients,
Dr. Freedhoff and his team helped to shape and mold each aspect of the application to help maximize your success.
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