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Looking to improve your sleep? Let’s talk about sleep hygiene.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of overall health, yet often neglected. Focusing on your routine and habits around sleep, which is referred to as sleep hygiene, can help to improve your sleep quality. Some key tips? A routine bedtime, less screen time, a relaxing environment, and a happy stomach.

Trouble sleeping? How’s your sleep hygiene?

A good night's sleep is one of the most important aspects of our health, yet we tend to neglect it! We can all relate to having a bad sleep, the day ahead always seems a little more daunting. 

Continuous lack of sleep can lead to irritability, low productivity, increased cravings for and consumption of sugary foods, stress and anxiety, increased risk of disease and overall reduced quality of life. 

Good sleep hygiene isn’t about how clean your sheets are. It refers to the healthy sleep habits and routines that help you get to sleep, stay asleep, and get up in the morning.

What does your evening routine look like? Here are some things to consider as you prepare to tuck in for the night. 

  • Are you going to bed and getting up at a similar time? Staying consistent helps our body stay in a routine. You may want to gradually start adjusting your sleep time to allow your body to adjust. 
  • Are you on your phone, computer or tv when you're in your bed? Unplugging 30-60 minutes before bed can help you unwind.
  • Struggling to relax? Try methods of relaxation, like a sleep meditation podcast set at a low volume.
  • Tossing and turning? If you haven’t fallen asleep after 20 minutes, get up and stretch, read in dim light or sit in the dark to calm your mind before returning to bed. Avoid looking at any screens!
  • Do you eat large, heavy meals right before bed or go to bed hungry? Both of these can disrupt your sleep. By eating earlier or having a light snack before bed you may mitigate discomfort of extreme fullness or hunger. High fat or spicy meals can be particularly unsettling. 

Interested in improving your sleep hygiene? Check out What is Sleep Hygiene?

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